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Have a Stiff Muscle? Try the Latest Adjustable Board LegFlex.




  • Calf stretching is an important exercise to improve the flexibility of your lower leg and reduce the risk of injury and it has many benefits. Your calf muscles do many everyday functions, like walking, and standing, so they quickly become fatigued. You can relax those calf muscles by using the LegFlex board.
  • Physical therapists advise using a slant board to ease physical pain from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon injuries, shin splints, calf pressure, and hip/knee/ankle injuries as well as to reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • Using a LegFlex board improves your short-term range of motion such as ankle plantar flexion. The LegFlex board helps in locking your knee. It can also improve the circulation of blood in the legs. The board also helps in reducing muscle soreness. 

LegFlex - Incline Board



Before or after sports, it's essential to keep your body safe from injury. The LegFlex Calf Stretcher Slant Board is a good way to improve the alignment of your foot, calf, hamstring and hip, as well as protect yourself from future injuries.

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The features of our LegFlex Calf Stretcher Slant Board are:
  • Our versatile design is perfect for preventing injuries and providing relief after an injury.
  • The three angles of these boards make the exercises more targeted.
  • Whether you're at home or in the office, the adjustable slant board is perfect.
  • Enhance performance in sports.
  • Our slant boards come with a non-slip top and base to provide stability and security.

Getting hurt is never a good feeling, which is why we've developed and partnered with incredible trainers and physical therapists to provide the best injury rehabilitation and prevention exercise equipment. Our goal is to get you back in the game with skills that can be used now or in years to come.

If you're recovering from an injury, the slant board can be a very helpful tool. There are four different angles- 21.5, 27.5, 34 and 40 degrees -so it's easy to find the one that suits your workout need best. The board is great for preventing injuries as well, so it will make sure your knees and legs stay in good condition.


Boost Your Performance

Slant boards are not only great for injury prevention and rehabilitation, but they're also ideal for helping athletes develop strong calf. They allow you to stretch your legs and improve your fitness - which is perfect for people who are looking to better their performance.

Targets Relevant Areas

When you work out on the board, it targets different key areas of your leg. This strengthens the muscles in the arch, calf, hamstring, and hip. There are many factors that contribute to injury, but training these muscle groups will help you overcome them.

Non-Slippery Base

Our board features a non-slip top and base so you are never unsteady during exercises. Not only does this make exercises easier to complete, but it also guarantees that they're done correctly.

Easy to use

The Calf Stretcher Slant Board offers a range of angle options to help you perform better. It also has handles to make it more convenient for you to store it in your facility, when not in use. For smaller facilities that are short on space, the board folds flat so you can easily tuck it away. The board is designed for users up to 130 kg.

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